Analisis Hukum Penyalahgunaan Data Pribadi pada Layanan Keuangan Fintech Lending

  • Owen Leonardy Universitas Tarumananegara
  • Rasji Universitas Tarumananagara
Keywords: Personal Data, Fintech Lending, Legal Protection


Misuse and leakage of personal data has become a concern in Indonesian society today. Facts show that in 2022 Indonesia has been ranked number 3 with the most cases of personal data leakage in the world. A total of 12.74 million personal data has been leaked in the implementation of fintech lending services in Indonesia. This research aims to provide an explanation of the legal analysis resulting from leaks of personal data and misuse of personal data in the implementation of fintech lending services in Indonesia. The results of the analysis from research data processing are that this personal data has been regulated in Law Number 27 of 2022 concerning Personal Data Protection which was ratified in 2022 to be precise on October 17 by the President of the Republic of Indonesia as an Urgency Law. Law Number 27 of 2022 clearly contains legal protection efforts for the importance of personal data, sanctions and also legal protection provided which aims to prevent misuse of personal data.



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